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Flirting with Fangs & Flirting with Fairies

Long And Short Reviews - on the newly released Flirting with Fairies

"I loved how the author didn’t stop at the characters’ written lives, Ms Pierson also brought in other characters such as a vampire, bounty hunter and a dead sister. When mixed together this made for a book reminiscent of a comic strip but with more depth...this one is for laughing and enjoying!"

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Coffee Time Romance

"There are surprises on every page and it made for an interesting read. The ending will be nothing you can see coming so hang on for an amazing ride."

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Cupcakes and Popcorn

"The book had many things to offer, though apart from the romance. It had humor, and action – both of them dark, by the way, yet sprinkled with pink glitter on top of all the dark stuff. How the heck did Pierson manage to do it, I have no idea. But she did it in a completely functional way and that’s saying something!"

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Romancing the Book

"All I can say is this book was more than I expected. I am still wanting more. I love the storyline and the ending...This author did a great job and I will have to check out and see if she has anymore books out there to read!"

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The Romance Studio

"This is Pierson's first paranormal comedy and I'm looking forward to reading more of her work. I enjoyed the wild tale of romance, terror, and undying love. She has a very interesting imagination and can summon up horrors Stephen King wouldn't think to put together in one book."

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Manic Readers

"This is one of my favorite stories. I will be telling everyone I know to read it and I suggest you do too. For some true trick-or-treat fun and a villain you can't help but love to hate. Flirting with Fangs is a must read in the Halloween season."

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Night Owl Romance

"I cannot wait to see what this author comes up with next. I’m still holding my sides from laughing so much while reading this story. If the next adventure is only half as funny it will well be worth reading."

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The Wormhole

"Fantastic!  Original! I was hooked from the excerpt, but had no idea how wonderful the story truly would be.  The author is a craftsman of her trade."

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Lyra's Musings

"The segments Pierson wrote as a novel by Bailey Hamilton incorporated a more flowery and melodramatic imagery than presented in the story’s “present day.” Torin’s dialogue as Torin-not-written-by-Bailey introduced a third linguistic style. The contrast between these styles kept me engaged enough that I read on to see how my observation played out. I’m glad I did because the last third of this book is a rollicking laugh out loud farce that combines violence, scatological humor, sex, Halloween, public disaster, public drunkenness and Satan. "

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